Wednesday, March 6, 2013


transpose (v) 1. to reverse or transfer the order or place of; interchange.

a word ive recently added to my vocabulary.

Its been nearly half a year since my last post and I decided to finally transpose my ideas, memories and updates onto my blog again. while its not a top priority right now and i rarely even think about it, i do miss blogging. a couple weeks ago I thought maybe i would print all the previous posts I have done and delete the whole thing. but then I go and stumble upon an amazing blog and get inspired, knowing that I am going to want to look back on this time again... so here i am.

lots have changed since i last wrote in October... most importantly being Gavin got a job in December that he had been interviewing for almost three months for... and for the sake of my blog being public we will just refer to it as 'very much worth the move.' and an incredible opportunity. he is living in the central valley (modesto) 2 hours away while i finish my final semester of school. call us crazy, i know i do. for the most part Kenley and I drive to him on the weekends when I get out of class on Fridays.. and he comes up to us when he can. we are in a cute little apartment that we love and have had fun getting settled in.
did you see the bed made from pallets that Gavin's dad ("Grandy") did?? ...... in love with her little space.

 i may only speak for myself when I say that the weekdays apart arent as hard as it sounds. we are both so busy that the days seem to fly by. with 8 weeks left until i graduate (but whos counting?) its just been A LOT of driving... good thing i love my new car! i am beyond ready to start our life together, in our new city.

confession: i love school. being able to finish up my last two semesters has been an amazing experience. the best part is that it makes all worth it too: the three summer school classes from my freshman to junior year... the fall i took anatomy and basically camped out in the library for a whole semester... heck, the 120 units and 3.5 years of college that I almost wrote off.
i love my major and the people in it. i have my last three classes with about the same 30 people and i seriously love all of them (and even my professors).
so anytime that i start to feel unmotivated i just think about all it has taken to get me here and the village of people making it possible for me in finish.
probably the most important part of all is the vital message it sends to kenley about the value of education.... a college degree, one of those things no one can ever take from you... and i will always feel a sense of pride that gavin and i are able to be that example for her.

extra proud about this.

....give me just a couple years and ill be ready for grad school ; )

one of the things i will definitely miss most about not being at ssu anymore is that kenley wont be a dandelion  :((( the children's school program at sonoma state (aka the happy hippy school) has exceeded my already high expectations. what toddler wouldnt want to collect chicken eggs every morning... followed by sensory play, fine motor activities, gathering fruit and veggies from their garden, circle time, & books.... every day is something new, presented by enthusiastic/intelligent/caring teachers and student-teachers. i will miss everything about it and attribute a huge part of kenleys personality and smarts to it. ive said it before.... i dont know how i will ever find another school for her that measures up.

i feel like its impossible to capture kenley in a blog post. she changes every. single. day.
her vocab is blowing everyone away, including me. its so strange being able to have a full on conversation. for the most part she is so well behaved and while she works on her patience, i work on mine. some new words in my current day-to-day are: no empty threats, positive reinforcement, mirrored behavior... blah blah blah...none of which clinically proven, yet seem to help.
kenley puts up with a lot. she spends a huge part of her week in the car, getting toted here there and everywhere. one day shes with her grammy, the next with grandma, sometimes at school... modesto, napa, cloverdale.... like i said, everywhere.

i wish i had really awesome video editting skills like my favorite blogger bleubird . if you havent check out that amazing blog, DO IT. most of the time i see her blog and think... can i be you?!? witty, creative, smart, stylish, homeschooler to four adorable kids. anyway... she does an interview with her 2 year old every month or so. so candid and cute, i might need to give it a novice attempt.

we are looking forward to so much in the next couple of months: moving, trips to so-cal, weddings, graduations, birthdays, SPRING and hopefully keeping better track of all of the above.


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